"Instead of wrapping": a new series of innovative gift puzzles

EscapeWelt introduced its new line of Innovative Gift Puzzle Boxes, a breakthrough in eco-friendly gifting solutions. This collection of 3D wooden puzzles stands as the latest innovation, serving as a creative and engaging alternative to traditional gift wrapping. 

The novel assortment not only emerges as a distinctive standalone gift but also revolutionizes the gifting experience with an eco-conscious approach.

The series features three Wooden Secret Boxes and the newly designed CRYPTEX, inspired by "The Da Vinci Code". These puzzle boxes combine the art of gifting with the excitement of problem-solving, presenting a unique challenge that reveals the concealed gift inside.

To unveil the gift, recipients are tasked with solving a puzzle - an intriguing yet manageable challenge. Each box is imbued with its own unique riddle, typically requiring 20-30 minutes to decipher.

"EscapeWelt's latest secret boxes transcend mere puzzles; they embody a fusion of beauty, innovation, and environmental stewardship. Crafted with engaging and accessible puzzles, these boxes are intended to be cherished not only for their visual appeal but also for the unforgettable experiences they afford," the company articulates.

With EscapeWelt's latest collection, the act of gift-giving is elevated to an adventure, promising a distinctive mix of thrill, sustainability, and lasting memories.