"Spider-Man" Tom Holland Admits to Watching Puzzle Box Solutions

Hollywood actor and Marvel star Tom Holland, also known for his role as Spider-Man, confessed that he watches puzzle solutions to relieve stress. 

He shared this during the recording of the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty" podcast. The British actor discussed his mental health and stress relief techniques with host Jay Shetty. When Shetty mentioned his love for puzzles and escape rooms, Tom Holland made a recommendation.

"You know what you should watch? I admittedly watch it to go to sleep if I'm ever feeling stressed or, like, overstimulated. I watch this guy called Chris Ramsay — he's like a YouTube guy, he's a magician, but I just watch him solve puzzles," Holland said on the podcast. "He buys these Japanese handcrafted puzzle boxes and he just solves them." Tom mentioned that he watches this YouTube channel as a way to relax whenever he's feeling stressed.

Business Insider illustrated this news with a video from Chris Ramsay solving the House of Dragon puzzle from EscapeWelt.

Additionally, on the very channel of Chris Ramsay, who currently has over 7 million subscribers, you can also find his videos about the Quest Pyramid, Fort Knox PRO, and Blackbeard's compass from EscapeWelt.