EscapeWelt on Kickstarter: almost 3,000 Backers Believed in New Puzzle Boxes

In 2023, the company EscapeWelt introduced two new projects and two entirely new puzzles on the Kickstarter platform, designed by experienced engineers and designers: Quest Tower and Blackbeard's Compass.

Quest Tower - the hardest puzzle in the EscapeWelt line. Inspired by the ancient wonder of the Babylon Tower, the Quest Tower is no ordinary puzzle box. Standing tall and enigmatic, it promises a thrilling challenge that even the most seasoned puzzle enthusiasts will find irresistible. Its intricately detailed design, inspired by ancient architecture, is a sight to behold and a testament to the beauty of puzzling.

Introducing Blackbeard’s Compass – a brand-new puzzle box that brings escape room experiences and opens the way to pirate adventures! Blackbeard's Compass includes a labyrinth of riddles and introduces new interesting mechanics: intricate rope knots, decoding of the treasure map, and even a working compass to guide your way.

Both projects were favorites from the start: the projects were funded in just the first 10 minutes. By the end of the projects, more than 2,700 backers from over 50 countries worldwide had put their trust in the new Quest Tower and Blackbeard's Compass.

"We highly value the trust of each backer. We strived to make each new puzzle unique, with interesting mechanisms and captivating puzzles. In 2024, we also plan to launch new puzzles on Kickstarter, so stay tuned," the company comments.