From Local Escape Rooms to Global Puzzles Innovators: - exclusive Interview

In a revealing January 2024 feature by Startup-Mitteldeutschland, Egor Volvitch, CEO of EscapeWelt, delves into the compelling evolution of his company. 

From its humble beginnings with escape rooms in Leipzig to becoming a global leader in creating innovative puzzle boxes, EscapeWelt's journey is a testament to creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. 

"Our dedication to excellence begins in our own manufacturing facility, ensuring each puzzle box is crafted with utmost care—from conception to delivery. This meticulous approach allows us to offer unparalleled quality to our customers and partners”, - Egor Volvich shared.

Discover how EscapeWelt carved a niche for itself in the competitive puzzle industry, why Leipzig, Central Germany, became its chosen base, and the challenges and triumphs along the way. Dive into the full interview here:

Startup-Mitteldeutschland's Exclusive Interview with EscapeWelt's CEO

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